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Summer: Well, you know, I guess it’s ’cause I was sitting in a deli and reading Dorian Gray and a guy comes up to me and asks me about it and… now he’s my husband.
Tom: Yeah. And… So?
Summer: So, what if I’d gone to the movies? What if I had gone somewhere else for lunch? What if I’d gotten there 10 minutes later? It was, it was meant to be. And… I just kept thinking… Tom was right.
Tom: No.
Summer: Yeah, I did.
Summer: I did. It just wasn’t me that you were right about.

Oh man. Even though it hurts so much, “500 Days of Summer” will still be my favorite movie next to The Godfather. So yeah, when I went to LA early this year I was search of a good deli to hang out in and a good coffee shop. Sadly, I am not a deli person but coffee was my forte so I was in search of the most interesting ones during my stay. But as fate would have it, I wasn’t impressed with the selection. I guess I would have to try my luck some other time.

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Dry Needling at Polarity Physiotherapy

No matter how much we try to keep our health in check, there are some things that will eventually lead to aches and pains. Aging is one of them (ouch!) but lifestyle also contributes a huge part to our body pains. Like for example: I found out during my first Myofascial Release session that because I’ve been carrying my bag on my left shoulder for decades, my posture is leaning towards the right. Additionally, I found out I have a lot of knots around my neck area, my hip is misaligned, and I have pelvis dysfunction.


While regular monthly sessions at Polarity Physiotherapy have greatly eased my neck pains, alleviated the taut muscles in my glutes, and improved my posture, there are times when the pain is so great or the lactic acid has collected over a couple of weeks that we need more “intensive” measures. This is where the Dry Needling comes in.

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Irvins Salted Egg in Singapore

Every time I visit Singapore, there’s always something new to try food-wise. Knowing that I am into the addicting salted egg potato chip trend (try Saporito, it’s the best in Manila), my friend Christine said we should try Irvins Salted Egg in Vivo City.


Their cartel is located on the ground floor near the food court and fronting Texas Chicken. When we spotted it we both scampered towards the kiosk like little kids eager for some ice cream, placed our order for their Salted Egg Potato Chips and Salted Egg Fish Skin only to discover that they were all completely sold out! Apparently, Irvins is so popular these two bestsellers are usually gone by 2pm!

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The World’s Best Countries for Hiking

Hiking is not only a great deal of fun, it’s also incredibly good exercise. If you’re thinking about planning your holiday in the next couple of months, why not give one of these spots a look-in?

1. The USA


Sierra de Gredos / Nicolas Vigier

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to hiking trails in the US, with mountains littering the country from north to south. A particular point of interest to check out is the Sierra High Route in California. The best time to visit is said to be in summer or early autumn, when the snow has melted.

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The Good Bar: An on-the-go moisturizer that won’t leak in transit

Are you the type of person who tapes everything up because your toiletries might leak in transit? It’s so old school but I surely am guilty of that — I’ve taped up bottles of lotions, shampoos, sunscreen tubes, etc. because one time I opened my luggage and discovered moisturizer all over my clothes. Such a hassle to clean everything up, definitely not the best way to start your vacation.

Enter The Good Bar by Jarful of Goodness. From the makers of the decadent body scrubs in 2014 (read my review of the Coffee Scrub and Salt Scrub), Jarful of Goodness created solid bar moisturizers that are easy to use and tote around. If you travel a lot (even within the city) or desire to pack light, then you’ll enjoy these non-messy tubs of healing goodness that can be used a number of ways.


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Five reasons to go on a road trip for your next holiday

I have the very ambitious plan of going on a road trip and possibly backpacking (or flashpacking?) around Europe. Ambitious because there are so many things I need to plan for — pocket money, visas, outfits, toiletries, etc. — that sometimes I tend to feel overwhelmed and have to slow down for a bit. But then again, we did drive around India for hours on end. With good company, the whole journey wasn’t so bad.

But why take a road trip as opposed to flying? Honestly, road trips really aren’t my thing but I want to be able to do it once in a while.  For one, it will give me a chance to explore more and have somewhat a different type of adventure. Second, driving by the scenic route sure beats having to sit in an airplane for hours.

Are you planning to go on a road trip in the coming months? Here are five reasons to pick a driving holiday next time you want to go away somewhere:

Explore in Your Own Time


Whatever your planned destination, driving there means you have a chance to go at your own pace, stopping anywhere that takes your fancy, rather than being tied to flight or train schedules. Mindful traveling? Then you’ll love the fact that you can see as many destinations as you want on one holiday thanks to this freedom and flexibility.

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