Saturday, July 4, 2015

Fact: I waste my life on Instagram

Wait, that came out a bit harsh. What I meant was, I waste so much time on Instagram gawking at beauty products (if you have Sukin on your feed I'd stalk you!), bikinis (OMG, I can get lost for hours), desserts (anything with custard, please), travel photos (to add to my bucket list), the distractions go on. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who has this dilemma. And I'm pretty damn sure if my manager read this, he'd say I should spend more time on client calls, hihi.

Just the other day a brand followed me on Instagram, I checked her feed and liked what I saw, followed her back, ended up chatting with the owner, next thing I know I was reserving something. Oh boy.

So please tell me I am not alone. How much time do you spend on Instagram (viewing, commenting, liking, or *gasp* buying)? How often do you succumb to beautifully staged photos and pretty layouts?

photo source

Friday, July 3, 2015

Exploring Batanes: Sabtang Island

We were so pooped from the first day's shenanigans that we couldn't believe it when our tour guide, Dennix, said he'll pick us up at 6:00am for Sabtang. Are you kidding?! Hoo boy. But by some miracle we were up about and done with breakfast a little before 6am, thanks to Christa being our alarm clock and waking us up at 4:45am.

The reason we needed to be up so early is because the day's activities are based on the faluwa schedule. The faluwa is the local boat (ferry, if you will) which takes tourists, locals, merchants to Sabtang Island. There are 10 islands total in Batanes but only 3 are inhabited, and Sabtang is one of them.

The whole trip takes approximately 30 minutes and from here you can already catch a glimpse of Sabtang Island in the horizon. If I remember correctly each faluwa can accommodate 80 people. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Using up the last bits of my Raw Elements EcoFormula 30+ Lotion

It's sad that Cutieverse isn't carrying Raw Elements anymore because it really is one of the most effective sunscreens out there. When we surfed without sunscreen a couple of weeks back (stupid idea, I know), I tanned majorly but my friend was burned. I lent her my Raw Elements when we surfed again the next day and she noticed that it worked better than her drugstore sunscreen -- there was hardly any burning or stinging, and it stays on well even during prolonged water immersion. I, on the other hand, appreciate the fact that my skin tolerates the formula as anything with silicones (in large quantities) would make my skin go loco (read: make me breakout or give me dermatitis).

The lotion formula though is not for every day use. It's rather too thick and pasty, and if you have combi skin you might find that it leaves a tacky feel on the skin. But if you're at the beach, you can lather it on with impunity because you'll be in the water most of the time anyway and nobody cares if your face is whiter than the rest of your body. Coincidentally, it's also my face that tans the most due to the sun's reflection on the water, I have yet to have that even enviable tan as it's my chest that's the fairest still (I'll reserve that for another blog post siguro).

Another thing, I brought this with me to Batanes and I wasn't scared about layering or re-applying several times a day because the formula is, well, organic so I know it won't clog pores. Raw Elements has won recognition as the best organic sunscreen by EWG, FYI, and that gave me some sort of assurance regarding its skin-friendliness.

And for those of you who've been to Batanes, you know how hot is over there during the months of April - June. This is my face after climbing the hills in Tinyan Viewpoint:

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Missing Komiki Every Day

I woke up at 3:30 am today and couldn't go back to sleep. I was half expecting Komiki to push open the door (I always leave it ajar), prance into the room, and wake me up with her snorting. She usually does that at wee hours in the morning, and I gladly oblige by carrying and placing her on the bed. She usually sleeps at my feet while Epsilon sleeps beside me. But sadly no matter how much I expect Komiki to show up, I know she never will. And once again my heart breaks as I try to lull myself to sleep in order to wake up early for tomorrow's meetings.

You see, I never intended to write a blog post on Komiki's passing. I felt it was too sudden, too painful, too unnecessary. But as I found myself weeping while going through her photos on my mobile, I figured I might as well just to let it all out.

The story is, Komiki was a rescue (and I proudly share that fact with everyone) and was given to us by a local neighborhood pet store because she was deemed unsaleable due to her condition. She was tiny for 6 months, had a hernia, and was riddled with mange. She was cute but we didn't need her, but we willingly spent Php10,000 to have her rehabilitated. When she was cured, the vet brought her back to us and I said, "I can't afford another dog, just sell her." The vet encouraged me to keep her, so I did but was unsure. I had P-nut then, my pride and joy.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Exploring Batanes: North Batan

I've decided to implement this rule that whenever I travel, I should be able to write about it within the next 2 days (or within the week at the latest) lest it gets overshadowed by another trip or life event. Or worse, gets buried under tons of beauty posts. I know this blog is slowly transitioning into a travel and lifestyle site, but rest assured I won't let go of my beauty posts just yet. Beauty is still my priority, it's just that a lot of [good] things have been happening lately and I can't wait to share them all with you!

One such happy event is we finally got to tick Batanes off our bucket list. I've always known Batanes to be such a beautiful island, and a lot of my friends have been urging us to visit. So we did -- and spent 5 memorable days there, too! First things first, we got our tickets from the famous Travel Expo held every February at SMX. I suggest planning and blocking off your travel dates as early as January so you can easily purchase tickets. The line is always long but no pain, no gain: we got our tickets for about Php 5,000 roundtrip (regular rates are Php 16,000 roundtrip).

We arrived in Batanes early Saturday morning after an hour and 45 minutes in the air via Philippine Airlines. Having lived in Agusan del Norte I was not shocked with how provincial Basco is, in fact I was very impressed with how preserved the city is, their sense of community, and the simplicity of their lifestyle.

DDD Habitat was to be our home for the next 5 days. It's a very simple lodge (think Kahea's in Baler) but with a private bathroom, aircon, and warm shower. It was only 5 minutes away from the airport and in the middle of the city.

the Siayan Room can accommodate 4 people
this is where we have breakfast

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Refilling your Ellana Minerals Loose Powder

As I just got back from Batanes, I'm still getting back into the groove of things when I realized while getting ready that my trusty loose mineral powder foundation had run out! I had basically used up the last bits and had to make a beeline to the mall yesterday. I now use a darker shade called Almond Coffee Cream* thanks to my forever tan, and don't have a backup product to tide me over (I do have my original shade which is Chai Tea Latte* but it's unforgivably too light now).

Although I had raved about Ellana's Pressed Mineral Foundation last year, I had learned to love this loose powder version. Initially thinking it was going to be messy while touching up in the car, but after a while you'll get used to the idea and find yourself applying it on the fly anytime, anywhere.