Saturday, February 25, 2012

Does your Doctor have blue hair?

When was the last time you had a facial? I think mine was 2 years ago. Crazy right? I just didn't have the time to go visit my Dermatologist as such there has been some blemishes manifesting on my face for the past couple of weeks. My skin is not perfect folks! That is why every once in a while I have a facial plus a relaxing diamond peel.

But before I head off to the Doctor's, I wanna say HI to everyone:

Quick question: Am I wearing the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream here? Guess, guess! Correct answers will be raffled and two winners will be chosen next Friday. I swear, I should make these guessing games harder. Watch out for next week!

That's me! My Dermatologist is Dra. Evylina Guzman of Capitol Medical Hospital, she was Mom's classmate way back in high school. The diamond peel exfoliates the skin and helps ease out fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. She also generously applied a Vitamin C serum to also help heal spots and blemishes and for anti-aging purposes as well, hee-hee.

One more thing -- does your Doctor have blue highlights? My Derma is so hip and awesome :)

Contact Dra. Evylina Guzman at 372-3825 loc 3519, her clinic is at Capitol Medical Center.

*Sorry for the blurry photos, used a camera phone on the last two shots
Disclosure: Product given by Neutrogena Philippines. 

Exclusively available at Watsons
For more information on this product visit https://www.facebook.com/neutrogenaphilippines
* Contest is for Metro Manila residents only.
* Deadline for entries is March 2 at 10pm.
* Prizes will be claimed at the Neutrogena head office


  1. No, you are not wearing BB cream here.

  2. i'm guessing no you are not wearing it. Coz you're going to have your skin checked.

  3. that face, kira :))

    and no you are not wearing it!

    1. haha, I'm trying to humor everyone with my face :D

  4. How much magpaderma and diamond peel? wala lang. :D

    and you're not wearing it :))

    Almira :)

    1. It's P1500 for the diamond peel + the Vit. C ampule/serum. Consultation is Php 300 :)

  5. NO! you're not wearing Neutrogena BB cream on your photo :)

  6. no, you are not wearing it... :)

  7. i am sure that your not wearing bb cream on this photo..u got some blemishes on this photo.

  8. no!! you're not wearing bb cream on this photo ms.kira..i saw some blemishes on this photo and i knew that bb creams hides blemishes..and also i like the blue highlights of your doctor (and take note!! on her bangs only..hehehe)wish i will win this time..

  9. nope!! your not wearing bb cream on this photo ms.kira..saw some imperfection on your face..hehehe..hope to win this time..please?!(crossing finger tight)

  10. Hi guys! Please send your answers once, no need for multiple comments. I read all your submissions, thanks! :)

  11. no! you're not wearing bb cream this time ms.kira..i really, really want to try this bb cream ms.kira..PROMISE!! hope to win this time hehehe

  12. You're not wearing the bb cream...
    I hope to win!
    I love trying different kinds of bb creams!

  13. you are NOT wearing it!! please pick me!! i need this product but don't have the budget for it..

  14. You are not wearing the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream in that photo! Hoping to win this time! :)