Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Tower of Nutritional Supplements

Tell me, do you take any of these aside from your usual vitamins and minerals?

GLOWW - Php 750/30caps

This product was sent to me for review and is made of all natural ingredients. It is touted to improve skin's condition and reverse damage brought about by sun exposure, pollution and imbalanced diet, alcohol consumption, etc. More research on this product says that contains 11 essential nutrients that help nourish our skin's CLBT (color, luminosity, brightness and transparency) thus improving blood circulation, detoxifies skin, strengthens collagen and protects from harmful UV rays.

Dosage: twice daily with meals


Who hasn't heard of Squalene back in the 90s? I believe my parents had boxes of these while I was growing up! It's sure nice to know that Squalene is still available today! Squalene, an oxygen supplement, is said to help deliver oxygen to the body, which in turn leads to smoother, brighter and more supple skin.

Dosage: two capsules daily before meals

CIRCULAN - Php 150/10caps

I've been taking this for 5 years already! It's a dietary supplement that contains garlic oil, ginkgo biloba and other herbal stuff that helps improve circulation, normalize sleep pattern, enhance memory and concentration, plus it also helps lessen cramps during my period.

Dosage: one to two caps per day (I cheat, the box says I should take at least 3-6 caps a day)

Did I miss out on anything? I also want to take Wheatgrass tablets, too, since I am not too fond of green, leafy veggies. What about you guys, do you take nutritional supplements? Share! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing! I am taking USANA Essentials everyday, which are nutritional supplements from Utah, USA. It works wonders too! Lots of antioxidants (18), vitamins and minerals. It promotes deep sleep, normalizes BM and is good for the skin and heart - just a few of the benefits I get from it. You should try it :)

    The Pink Margarita

  2. I might get Issho Genki again. Kulang ako sa fish in my diet. Didn't know this is the same as the one sold in the 90's. I thought spin off lang ng packaging.

  3. I'm taking Gloww too, will be on my 3rd box tomorrow. :)

    1. How's it working for you so far, Helen? :)

  4. Hi Kira,

    I'm taking USANA Nutritional Supplements, it's a US-based company. Their supplements are PHARMA-grade. Their Essentials helped me & my family with our SLEEP problems, improved my bowel movement (atleast once a day na haha), increased my energy level which is reasonable since i got good sleep, and normalized my metablolism(d na ko madalas mag-crave). Lastly, long-term use may result to younger-looking skin since your skin is being fed the nutrients it needs. It has 18 antioxidants and INCOMPARABLE mix of vitamins & minerals.

    If you're a fan of fish oil, USANA's fish oil is 99.9% oil. Some fish oils, pag nilagay mo sa freezer nagyeyelo. Meaning, they're NOT pure oil. :)

  5. i should be having supplements na dapat cause i dont drink any. tsk tsk tsk... dapat dapat dapat!!!!

    1. Try vitamins and minerals muna then you can gradually add supplements. Minsan I get overwhelmed, there are just too many at home like Calcium, B complex, Fish oil, etc.!

  6. shucks, this post reminds me of my untouched supplement bottles in the closet :( i believe in supplements and really notice improvements whenever I'm "diligent". Sadly, I think what I need most is a miracle supplement that fights off lazy vibes.

    1. I couldn't agree more! Lazy vibes are the worst! Haha! Hey Vivi, your question is up on The Beauty Brains web :)