A beauty blogger turned flashpacker. Originally created in 2008 to document her skin care discoveries and makeup reviews, the author discovered the joy of surfing in early 2015. In a couple of months the blog had made a big turnaround and her mantra has changed — live with less, travel more.

She is now learning to juggle a demanding corporate life in the city while her alter ego dreams of the North Swell, snorkels with 100-kilo pawikans, and gorges on copious amounts of Nasi Goreng. It’s been a fun ride so far, and this blog documents her memorable experiences driving a scooter through rural areas of Tablas Island, biking up the hills in Batanes, to discovering the magnificent structures of Europe (soon in 2018!).

She’s doing all these with her trusty bottle of sunscreen in tow. Won’t you join her?