Is 2018 up for the challenge?

Earlier this year while having dinner with someone, we got into the conversation of how our 2017 fared compared to last year. He, with full conviction, declared that his 2016 was more epic and he had yet to see what the current year can bring.

Bali_Elegantly Wasted 6

After that episode, I started thinking about my own year and if it was any better. The answer at that time was 2016 had been fantastic. Too fantastic that I backtracked and re-read my New Year’s wish last January, I warned that 2017 will have some big shoes to fill.

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PSA: I am an Introvert

Most people think that because I work in sales and I attend blog events regularly, I like going out and socializing. While it’s true that my work requires me to meet people on a regular basis and I do enjoy going to events, I really am an introvert in real life and need to exert a huge amount of effort just to be pleasant, gregarious, and mentally present.

The old school definition of introversion was believed to be someone who does not want to socialize (and this is how my Mom initially understood it) but so many articles now prove otherwise. We introverts do have a social life though with a handpicked set of really close and relevant friends, and we are okay with staying home on most days (yes, really). But we are not to be mistaken as shy as when the situation calls for it, we can be in our element and work it like nobody’s business.

With old and new friends in Baler

Believe it or not, some of us are introverts.

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