Okay, confession: I never got the gummy bear trend. I am painfully conscious of all these sugary sweet snacks filled with so much sucrose that I’ve only tried it when Honest Junk came along. And even at first I was skeptical.

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Honest Junk aims to make snacking more fun with their tasty and healthy offerings. I’ve tried their gummy bears and homemade cookies and so far I am loving the flavors and the sweet prices (read: cheap!).

Why choose Honest Junk?

For the simple reason that their snacks are:

  • dairy-free
  • gluten-free
  • low sodium
  • low sugar
  • vegan
  • packed with superfoods

What to get: 

Very cute and catchy, Super Gummies as they are made with real fruit juice and spiked with antioxidants, my fave flavors are: Calamansi + Malunggay and Mandarin + Mangosteen. I always re-order these every couple of weeks. I munch on these while in the car, while waiting for my next Pilates or Barre3 class, or anytime during the day. Instead of buying let’s say, a full meal or a slice of cake, I can wait patiently for my next client meeting in peace while reading a good book.

They also have Zooper Cookies in 4 flavors and faves are Malunggay and Choco Chip. Iddy loves her Coco Chia.

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Honest Junk is for you if you’re:

  • Diabetic and need are on a strict diet
  • love snacking but want a healthier alternative to all the sugary sweet and MSG-filled snacks/desserts out there
  • always on the go and need to have munchies in your bag at all times

Check them out at instagram.com/honestjunk.