When my original blog started out in 2008, I was primarily focused on indie and all-natural local brands. I was majorly into skin care, a little bit of makeup, with a dash of travel stories here and there. One of my greatest pleasures is discovering skin care products that are all natural, made with love, and crafted at home.

Fast forwad to today, I still get giddy at finding new stuff to try but since I try to live a simpler amd more pragmatic lifestyle, my shopping inclinations have tempered. I am more choosy about products that I purchase and brands that I support. Additionally, I’m mostly traveling or working so shopping online out of convenience has become a huge part of my life.

A new site you should definitely visit is Karton.ph.

Sick of all the run-of-the-mill commercial stuff in malls? Then you’ll love their selection of handmade, artisanal products and cuisine that are 100% Filipino-made.

I was given a chance to shop online and though it was a challenge to narrow down my list, here are some of my picks:

I got a huge box in the mail! It felt like Christmas morn

I got a huge box in the mail! It felt like Christmas morn

Joost 2 Boost (Php180 each) – Joost seeks to nourish the body, mind, and soul with its selection of organic, locally sourced home brew juices. Great as an energy booster or detox whenever you feel your health needs a little jolt.

Empanada Mas (Php 210/box of 6) – I love empanadas, it’s my snack of choice and this box carries 6 flavors: Original Heirloom Chicken, Homemade Spanish-style Chorizo, Ham & Cheese Jalapeño.

Kala Milk Lotion (part of a set) – I’ve tried Kala Milk Lotion when they launched 2 years ago and I love the rich carabao’s milk ingredient that keeps skin moisturized and supple. Can be quite a bit heavy but it’s great for irritated and dry skin.

Ysabel’s Daughter Positively Ageless Lotion in Olive (Php 995) – An age-defying lotion with the refreshing scent of Olive.

Bath & Buddy Oatmeal Shampoo (Php 365) – A gentle shampoo for your pooch (and cat!). Carefully formulated to moisturize dry, flaky skin to help retain the skin’s elasticity and health. Oatmeal extracts help relieve itchiness, inflammation and skin irritation because of its natural ability to balance the skin’s pH balance. Lathers really well and rinses clean.

Eharvest Artisanal Dulong (Php 230) – I used to eat dulong (fry of anchovies) growing up so having this bottled delicacy is making me nostalgic.

Native Gourmet Bangus Adobo in Corn Oil (Php 245) – Great baon for those who don’t have time to cook. Delish and filing!

Sikat Salted Egg Potato Chips (Php 280) – Made from 100% natural ingredients, Sikat Salted Egg Potato Chips with Chili are cooked and prepared to give you a great balance of crispiness and flavor. It contains no added artificial preservatives.

Daybreak Coffee (part of a set) – Single-origin, locally-harvested coffee that’s easy to prep anytime, anywhere. Packed in single serve, disposable drip bags for easy, brewed coffee on the go. I love these for travel because 3-in-1 coffee is a no-no for me.

JOCO Balm of Bees (Php 150) – a soothing 100% organic propolis-based ointment that soothes and heals skin diseases, pimples, wounds, muscle pain, abdominal pain, headaches, insect bite wounds,burns, scabies, and boils.

Paquito’s Favorite Tapa (Php 620) – Specially-sourced Batangas sirloin beef tapa cuts that’s great for breakfast.

Good morning from my breakfast tapa!

Good morning from my breakfast tapa!

Visit www.karton.ph and get your Christmas or personal shopping done stat! New products are added every often so do check it out and let me know what you ended up getting.