Old readers of my first blog would recall that when I started in 2008, I focused more on beauty and writing about local all-natural brands. That was the blog’s first inclination after all — to share my local beauty discoveries. Even though this new blog is geared towards more lifestyle posts, I still relish in visiting bazaars and discovering handcrafted products from indie brands.

And one brand that I’ve supported from the start was Nanny Rose who was known more for their cold wax hair removal kits exclusively available in Watsons. Now I’m featuring their new products from their sub-brand, Lunas (means solution in English).

Nanny Rose_Elegantly Wasted 1

There is one particular product that I hoard and that is the Feel Good Cooling Cream (Php 500), I actually have 5 bottles waiting in the wing while I finish my current. It’s a body lotion made of beeswax and moisturizing shea butter plus essential oils including citrus, peppermint and menthol (of course!) which give it a fresh minty kick. Degree of mentholated-ness is decent, but the lotion is lightweight and absorbs fast. The citrus blend scent is also very comforting, I use this after every shower.

Healing your sunburn or want a natural facial moisturizer? Then try the Aloe Vera & Honey Skin Relief (Php400). Its main ingredient is aloe vera spiked with the anti-bacterial effect of honey. I used to apply this to sunburned skin after swimming because of course we all know that’s what aloe vera is for. Until one day while in a pinch on vacation, I had forgotten to bring my usual skin moisturizer and had to use this instead. That turned out to be a pretty good thing because the great combination of both ingredients soothed and healed my skin faster. You might need to get used to the scent initially as it can be a little sweet and texture is slightly sticky. But I hardly wear makeup at the beach anyhow and I usually just apply this, sunscreen, and go. So, sunburn healer + facial moisturizer? Yes, definitely.

Nanny Rose_Elegantly Wasted 3

What do I use post-Barre3? When I have to deal with sore muscles and the popular modern ailment called Neck Text, I turn to my Muscle Mender Balm. This 30g sampler is the natural equivalent of Salonpas (yes, that sounded so Tita), but smells lovelier because of its lavender and peppers essential oil mix. Mandy (creator of Nanny Rose), please create sampler tubes as I love these teeny sizes — perfect for work or travel.

Nanny Rose_Elegantly Wasted 2

All Lunas products are personally handcrafted by Mandy Del Rosario, made in small batches, and sometimes even have a waitlist! Order now at https://www.instagram.com/nannyroseph to discover the healing power of her botanicals.