I am a homegrown Quezon City girl so it’s pretty obvious that our default for easy eats would be the Banawe, Tomas Morato or the Scout area. Just when I thought I’ve seen and tried all the places within the vicinity, another quirky restaurant opens up and it’s called Poultry Stack.

This was the first stop of the day of the Manila Food Trip 2017 event organized by Ms. Aileen Octaviano of the Pampanga Bloggers’ Society where I was invited by my fellow beauty blogger and Kapampangan, Gellie Abogado. This was also the first food crawl I participated in.

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Poultry Stack is a hip restaurant developed by renowned chefs Chef Gene and Chef Gino Gonzalez, serving distinct local and international cuisines revolving around its main ingredient: chicken.

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Despite the name, Poultry Stack actually has a very well-rounded menu offering both pork and beef dishes. The aesthetics of the restaurant is very fun and refreshing, a far departure from the classy antique style of the Spanish restaurant that occupied this place previously.

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Now doesn’t that look cozy? A wooden garden swing will greet you as soon as you enter.

Here’s a rundown of what we tried that day:

Grilled Corn Soup (Php 148) – A delicious golden-hued soup made with grilled corn kernels and partnered with freshly-baked bread, similar to corn chowder but much lighter and less filling.

Manila Food Trip 2017_Poultry Stack_Elegantly Wasted 3

Poultry Stack Bucheron (Php 199) – Crispy chicken crop tossed in seasoned salt paired with sinamak. Very tasty and deadly (calories!), similar to chicharong bulaklak.

Tuna Kinilaw (Php 239) – Fresh tuna tossed with veggies in special vinegar dressing.

Tuna Ceviche (Php 239) – Fresh tuna tossed in a light citrus dressing, this was the winner among all the appetizers. Utterly flavorful!

Manila Food Trip 2017_Poultry Stack_Elegantly Wasted 4

Love the branding, that chick is too cute!

Chicken Skin Longanisa (Php 195) – A new dish added to the menu. Tastes like longanisa as soon as you bite into it, then slowly transforms into the taste of chicharon.

Grilled Chicken Asparagus Sandwich (Php 195) – Sandwich loaded with chicken mayo filling and a generous serving of asparagus, paired with mozzarella gratin and mayonnaise. Served with  coleslaw and potato wedges.

Manila Food Trip 2017_Poultry Stack_Elegantly Wasted 8

Poultry Stack Overload Garlic Chicken (Php 490) -Deep fried whole chicken marinated in herbs and spices, paired with Thai tamarind sauce. Look at all that garlic!

Manila Food Trip 2017_Poultry Stack_Elegantly Wasted 5

Filet Mignon (Php 578) – Tender medium-rare beef with mushroom wine sauce paired with crisp deep fried potato wedges and sauteed vegetables.

Chicken Teriyaki (Php 235) – Fire roasted chicken covered with salty-sweet Japanese glaze, served with Japanese fried rice and sides.

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Calamansi Cheesecake (Php 149) – Brown butter cheesecake with a hint of Philippine citrus.

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Kapampangan food bloggers unite: Me, Chino, and Gellie

Poultry Stack is one of the hip places I plan to visit again soon. I love how the dishes are affordable yet are impeccably plated, the attention to detail is impressive. Aside from that, the interiors are so inviting and the lighting here is perfect for [product] shoots or light reading. The place is cozy enough for merienda/coffee hideouts, and also for family lunches and dinners.

Thanks for having us, Poultry Stack!

Visit them at 24-C Scout Tuazon St, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila.