Aloha Hawaii: A mini guide on beaches, where to shop + attractions

Hawaii spells sun, sand, and surf and getting a chance to spend Christmas here (so much sun, love!) was a dream come true. My sister and I spent most of our days at the beach or if we were out exploring the entire day, we made sure to be back just in time to see the fiery sunset of Waikiki. I couldn’t be more thankful for the year that was about to pass.

Here are some of our favorite places in Hawaii. For a gastronomic experience, click my first blog post here. There are definitely more to see and experience the next time I swing back, but here are starters for first-time travelers:


Waikiki Beach

The only man-made beach in Hawaii, Waikiki Beach was literally just 50 steps from our hotel which was great! I could wake up, skip breakfast, and go straight to the beach. And really, who wouldn’t be so excited to see something as beautiful as this?

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Aloha Hawaii: A mini-guide on where to eat

It was a toss-up between Sydney and Hawaii and on the last moment my sister asked: “So where do we go?” I guess we were both exasperated already and pre-occupied with work that at the last possible minute, I answered: “Let’s just go to Hawaii.” We had the US Visa already, that meant less work and less preparation.

It’s been a tradition of sorts to pick one major destination every December for our family vacation, the time when everyone can unplug and not think about work. Plus, we were to celebrate my sister’s birthday and last year as a single person, haha. So this had to be special and memorable.

Sunset at Waikiki Beach

Sunset at Waikiki Beach

We booked our tickets 4 days before Christmas Eve, booked the hotel and tours 2-3 days before. We didn’t think much of Hawaii even when tons of people were telling us it was their dream destination. You could say, we all went there with zero expectations which is really the best way to travel — to keep an open-minded and just enjoy the flow.

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