Are you the type of person who tapes everything up because your toiletries might leak in transit? It’s so old school but I surely am guilty of that — I’ve taped up bottles of lotions, shampoos, sunscreen tubes, etc. because one time I opened my luggage and discovered moisturizer all over my clothes. Such a hassle to clean everything up, definitely not the best way to start your vacation.

Enter The Good Bar by Jarful of Goodness. From the makers of the decadent body scrubs in 2014 (read my review of the Coffee Scrub and Salt Scrub), Jarful of Goodness created solid bar moisturizers that are easy to use and tote around. If you travel a lot (even within the city) or desire to pack light, then you’ll enjoy these non-messy tubs of healing goodness that can be used a number of ways.


What it is

These solid bars of fragrant moisturizers come in two variants: Lavender and Chocolate Mint and contain either beeswax, shea butter, VCO, or cocoa butter as their main hydrating ingredients mixed in with essential oils. Simple, easy. Handmade in small batches in the kitchen these do not contain parabens, SLS, or any of those nasty ingredients we all know of.

Because of the primary ingredients above, they can be likened to a balm (and I do love my balms specifically my Boo-Boo Balm) that can be used as a skin moisturizer, lip saver, sunburn healer, insect bite soother, even as a remedy for cracked cuticles. If you’re looking at just stashing one multi-purpose product, this is it!

Now to prove they don’t melt in transit, I stashed them in my check-in luggage, carried them in my backpack while traversing the streets of Singapore and they never melted even in the warm afternoon sun. But interestingly when it’s time to perform, The Good Bar is easy to use as it softens when comes into contact with skin.


Take your pick: Lavender or Chocolate Mint

Now while I am more inclined to say that I prefer lavender, I actually did enjoy Chocolate Mint! Friends know I’m the sort of person who doesn’t like chocolate-scented products — heck I don’t even eat chocolate pastries — but this was an exception. It smelled warm and delicious, not overly cloying or sickeningly sweet.


Moisturizing capabilities

The Good Bar melts into oil as soon as it comes into contact with skin, leaving you with a lovely sheen afterwards. It smells lovely and the scent lasted a while, I was on the train to Lavender Station (how apt!) from Yishun and I could still smell the rich chocolate scent on my arms. Definitely made some heads turn when I entered the train. My skin was moisturized the whole day and the lovely sheen (if it’s something you don’t mind) will highlight your toned arms, gams, and even a fading tan.

You can grab The Good Bar at, these make great stocking stuffers and gifts for the holidays. Each 125g tub is only Php 380.