The most-awaited “skinnocent” blush stick from 100% Filipino brand, VMV Hypoallergenics, has now arrived. The Boldly Glow Coconut Oil Skin Bloom Blush Stick is made with moisturizing/antioxidant coconut oil produced in their own USDA-certified organic farm in Leyte, and absolutely does not contain parabens, preservatives, phthalates, fragrances, and allergens. Chock-full of anti-inflammatory and anti-acne monolaurin (a disinfectant derivative from coconut oil), it’s the skin-friendliest blush stick to date.

My love affair with VMV Hypollergenics started in high school (that was decades ago) because my Mom was such a staunch fan of their makeup, most especially their defunct loose powder. So you could say I grew up with VMV being a staple in our bathrooms and vanity table. I remember all the old products and weird product packaging — does anyone remember the white plastic containers that fuse together for travel (ala jigsaw puzzle)?

Over the last 6 years, I’ve narrowed down my favorites to the Armada Sport 70 (for water sports, trekking, and other outdoor activities), Id Monolaurin Gel (for insect bites, pimples, scratches/wounds), Boo-Boo Balm (for pimples, as emergency undereye cream, cuticle salve, lip balm, tattoo salve, etc.), and Skintangible Faint-ation (sunscreen + tinted moisturizer). These are my city and travel staples, can’t live without them for sure!

VMV is known worldwide for performing extensive research on products to make sure they’re hypoallergenic (they employ their own VH-rating system) and when I found out they were formulating their own blush sticks, I was hella excited!

The VMV Hypoallergenics Boldly Glow Coconut Oil Skin Bloom Blush Sticks are available in 9 shades: Bellini (dye-free), Heat (dye-free), Chisel (dye-free), Luminous (dye-free), Smauve, Georgia, Pant, Rosebud, and Tarte-a-Tan. These are all creme stick versions of VMV’s famous Skin Bloom Blushes.

From L-R: Chisel, Bellini, Luminous, Tarte-A-Tan, Heat, Georgia, Smauve, Rosebud, Pant

From L-R: Chisel, Bellini, Luminous, Tarte-A-Tan, Heat, Georgia, Smauve, Rosebud, Pant

Thank you, Katsy, for lending me your arm for swatching.

Can we take a moment to fawn over the luxe Mother of Pearl packaging? These are all sustainably sourced ensuring that there is no over-sourcing of one particular shell. This means you won’t know which finish you’ll get until you open the box, think of it as a little surprise whenever you buy. I received Georgia (a dainty pink blush) encased in a gorgeous dark mosaic finish as a press gift. Isn’t it too pretty to use up?

In this photo I am joined by VMV Brand Ambassador and Makeup Artist Tor Torre who also assisted with the shade selection and finish of the Boldly Glow Coconut Oil Skin Bloom Blush Sticks, along with Trina Jelica Aquino (R&D Manager). They’ll be coming out with more products next year, stay tuned.

The VMV Boldly Glow Coconut Oil Skin Bloom Blush Sticks will be out at VMV Boutiques starting October 15 and retails for Php 2,000. Swing by the stores and swatch, let me know which are your favorite shades! You can also purchase online at


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